Posted by: blondechief | June 21, 2008

“What Simple Wealth is NOT”

When you hear the term simple wealth, you may think of the horror stories that you hear from “tightwads” that rinse and re-use their dental floss. EWE-GROSS!  Simple wealth is not about that at all.  Yes, being conservative and sensible about your finances is a part of it, living in misery is not. I don’t call rinsing dental floss a very enjoyable and wealthy (let alone healthy) way to live.  Simple wealth is also not a get rich quick idea.  Other than a lottery win or the publishers clearing house van in your driveway, there really is no such thing.  Simple wealth is more about a healthy balance in all areas of your life. No unpleasant frugalness and no excess consumerism.  If the idea of living a lifestyle of more freedom of your time and assets appeals to you, join us for the exciting journey called “Simple Wealth”.


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