Posted by: blondechief | June 26, 2008

Dollar Stores and Warehouse Clubs. Good or Bad?

Do you frequent dollar stores and/or warehouse clubs such as Sam’s?  These types of shopping venues have their place, but unless you are an extremely disciplined, stick to the list, buy only what you need kind of person, these stores spell disaster to your finances.  The dollar store mind set is, “well it’s only a dollar” , so you buy things that you do not need just because its cheap.  Many people go there during the holiday season for stocking stuffers and spend twenty dollars on junk that only clutters up someone’s life.  Stop this madness.  Your hard-earned money is being wasted and you don’t get it. 

Same deal for warehouse clubs.  You over-buy in bulk, products that you do not need or cannot use up before the expiration date.  You also wander the aisles and buy things not on your list because you have convinced yourself that it is a fantastic deal.  Stop lying to yourself.  You are giving up your freedom to this kind of spending.  Stop and analyze your shopping habits before it’s too late.


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