Posted by: blondechief | June 29, 2008

“Who do you want to impress?”

Recently I read in the “O at Home” magazine about a Manhattan event planner that owned furniture that he would not let people sit on!!  He also had a a pair of 17th century tapestry pillows that he would not let his housekeeper touch. (“OUCH”).  Anyway, as I read further, the article states that he just got a new puppy.  Now I can start to feel the anger setting in.  What is he thinking?  A puppy, I thought the poor little thing is going to have a miserable existence for the first few months of his little life, and then off to the shelter he will go.  As the story continues, lo and behold, he comes home to find his new puppy all nestled in snug amongst the valuable tapestry pillows.  I thought to myself, it must have been the musty old smell that attracted the little guy.  So I am thinking that it is curtains for the pup now, but instead the guy takes a picture of him because he looks so cute and obviously has good taste.  His housekeeper witnesses all this and she says to him,  “This is the day your life has changed.”  I love that story because the man finally realizes what is important in life.  Friends, family , pets, love and compassion.  Not a bunch of “stuff”.


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