Posted by: blondechief | July 8, 2008


Are you grateful for what you already have in life?  Do you wake up each morning and feel happy and content with where you are at in this stage of your life.  Most people I talk to will answer with a “No”. Herein is where a lot of your problems lie.  If you cannot feel gratitude for what you currently have, (which you are responsible for creating by the way-a whole other subject) how can you be grateful for what you will recieve in the future?  You really need to do some soul-searching on this one. Learn to appreciate everything that you currently possess and you will be amazed at the difference in your life.  Stop wishing for everything to be better in the future, when today is what really matters.  If you cannot find pleasure in your daily life right now, you are losing a precious part of your life.

Think back to different times when you said to yourself, “Oh when I get that job, I’ll be so happy.  When I get that house I will be so happy.  When I get that raise, etc. and on and on and on.  Get over it!!  Be grateful for everything you have right now, today, and get on with enjoying your life.  Every morning when you get out of bed, simply put one foot on the floor and say out loud “thank”, put the other foot on the floor and say “you”.  Try this, make it a habit, and I promise that great things will start to happen in your life.



  1. Hey Girl, Great Blog. I enjoyed each of your entries so far! It is so hard to slow and be grateful – thank you for reminding me to do that each and every day. I’ll be checking in again soon. I also loved the flip-flop peice- what a great husband!

  2. Holli, thank you so much for the thoughtful, kind comment. I am trying to post pieces that will inspire people to really “stop” and “think” about their lives and their happiness.

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