Posted by: blondechief | July 28, 2008

One Hour or One Dollar

Right now, step away from the computer and get $1.00 out of your wallet.  Now, wad it up and throw it in the garbage.  How many people do you think did this?  Zero!  How many people do you think said, “Yea, right !!!.  How many people are still reading? Everyone, including you, because you need to know what the gimmick is.  Well, there is no gimmick.  Now go and spend an hour watching some mindless sitcom on the dish, or surfing the web for nonsense. (This blog excluded, of course)

So, what am I getting at?  The majority of people would never dream of literally throwing a dollar in the trash, but they think nothing of wasting an hour of their life!  The time you spend on meaningless tasks can never be recovered.  You cannot re-cycle wasted time.  You can, however, probably earn more dollars for the ones you frittered away.  How much money do you make an hour?  Let’s just say $20.00.  The new pair of jeans you are eyeing up run about $80.00.  You just spent four hours of your life on a faded, ripped, worn, although be-dazzled pair of pants.  Actually much more if you want to nit-pick with the taxes and such.

I can still make my point without all the math.  Re-consider how you spend your hours, and you may very well re-consider how you spend your earnings.


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