Posted by: blondechief | August 13, 2008

Some Thoughts on Gift Giving

How much thought do you put into gift giving?  This is an area where I feel that most people operate on auto-pilot.  They buy because they feel they have to, turning it into an obligation rather than a joy.  The Christmas season is the best,  It starts around October, all the moaning and graoning about shopping and the expense and on and on and on……  Isn’t gift giving supposed to feel good?  What happened to it is better to give than receive?  What about the recipient of these gifts?  Do you “really” think that they just love-love-love the last minute sweater from Wal-mart.  You settled for the gray (depressing) one because their favorite blue was gone.

How about the 100 cat items that you and everyone else gives to the cat lover in the family or the workplace.  This is me, so I am telling you how people feel about this.  Yes, I love my cats (the real ones) very much.  Do I want my entire house to be non-stop cat decor’. NO-NO-NO!  Now I have to pretend  I like this dust-collecting, storage stealing gift, and then feel guilty for not liking or wanting it.  So here is the point that I am trying to make.  Do not buy gifts because you feel obligated.  Do not buy gifts that are going to make people feel guilty or clutter up their already cluttered lives.

My husband and I got on the “Simplify Your Life” bandwagon and have never fallen off.  We thought long and hard about gift-giving to each other, friends and family.  We have downsized tremendously and we only give gifts that do not add stress or clutter to the recipients lives.  Our criteria is to only give something that we know they will enjoy, and can be used up.  This includes food and wine items, candles, soaps and lotions ( a nice splurge they maybe would not buy for themselves), gift cards, lottery tickets (always fun), charity donations, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  So put some thought into how you can make your life and everyone else’s simpler and more enjoyable at the same time.  This is an area where small changes to your old routines can yield big results.  Wake up and smell the wild-flowers (free), instead of $60.00 a dozen roses.  Stop the waste of gift wrap, boxes and bows destined for the landfill.  Make this a priority for this holiday season and see the results.  You, your friends and your family will be amazed in a “Good Way”.   Happy Gifting.  P.S. This also puts an end to the etiquette of “re-gifting”  Thank You!


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