Posted by: blondechief | August 21, 2008

Complaining is not a solution.

Why are we a “nation” of complainers?  It seems that people truly enjoy complaining.  They complain about everything from the weather, to our Government, to the meager raise they just received.  Instead of approaching everything in your life with a negative attitude, try turning it around and start looking for the good.  If you are not happy with the weather where you live, move.  If you do not like our Government, Vote.  If you are not happy with your raise from your employer, Quit, or do a better job.  You probably do not like that “in your face attitude”, but life comes down to choices. Make choices that improve the quality of your life and stop complaining and blaming everyone and everything else.  You and (you alone) have the power to live your life with a positive or a negative attitude.  One of the choices I have made is to not watch the news or read the newspaper.  News reporting is for sales of papers and for ratings, nothing else.  It is over-dramatized and focuses on war, drugs, terrorism, illness, murder and on and on and on.  The less negativity you allow into your consciousness, the less negative you will be.  You will always attract what you focus on.  So I choose to focus on happiness first, because everything in your life stems from being happy first.  When you are happy and content, your body is well and your life is abundant.  Do not allow someone else’s negative opinions, health complaints, or their constant complaining about a lack of money get to you, or you will become just like them.  You have to take responsibility for your own situation.  Be someone that other people will enjoy being around, and can learn from, and you have not only improved your own life, but possibly the life of someone else.  Now that’s a good feeling.


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