Posted by: blondechief | September 4, 2008

Vacation or Stay-cation?

Rising food and gas prices have given birth to the term stay-cation, meaning staying home for vacation.  What did you do this year?  As for me, I have been doing stay-cations for years and I love it.  So what do we do on our stay at home time, more importantly what do we not do? We do not pack, unpack, fight traffic, wait in security lines, spend on overpriced snacks, get annoyed, exhausted, or come home to a mountain of laundry.  This is what I did do.  I enjoyed a cup of coffee and an outdoor shower every morning.  In the evenings my DH and I sipped margaritas and watched the stars.  We enjoyed a fabulous prime rib dinner with our neighbors, which we all prepared together on an open wood-pit.  Talk about a five star dining experience.  The possibilities really are endless for enjoying your home.  You work hard to pay for a nice home, so why do you want to get away from it?  I have never understood this.

Take some time with your family and talk about all the fun and relaxing things you can do right in your own neighborhood.  Put together a movie night basket with popcorn and all the goodies.  Make yourself a spa basket packed full of pampering items such as candles, lotions, bubbles, wine or tea and a fancy glass or cup to drink out of.  Open your mind and your imagination and you can go anywhere in the entire “universe” right from the comfort of your own home.  So instead of feeling deprived because you feel that you cannot afford to go on vacation, treat yourself to the ultimate stay-cation and you and your finances will feel better than ever!


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