Posted by: blondechief | September 18, 2008

When Life Comes At You Hard…….

You know how you get caught up in the mundane, routine daily part of your life, you tend to dwell on the small, insignificant things that annoy you.  Then, WHAM!, something happens to shake you up and wake you up. This week we received a phone call that one of my Husband’s life-long friends was killed in an accident.  Suddenly what seems so important at times, now fades into the background, because you have to focus on dealing with this tragedy.  So, why at a site called simple wealth am I addressing an issue like this?  If you have made a choice to live a simpler lifestyle you are probably not living paycheck to paycheck, so when an unexpected event forces it’s way into your life, you do not have to react with panic.  My Husband has the freedom to be able to help out the family during this difficult time, without the pressure of losing time off from work.  He also has the freedom to take some time to himself, if needed, to adjust to what has happened.

Ask yourself, are you in a position to be able to deal with this type of situation without panic over finances?  What if something happened to you?  What will you leave behind for your family?  The freedom to mourn and adjust, or a financial and emotional disaster?  I know these are things no one likes to think about, but that does not prevent them from happening.  Take some time to think about how you would want things to be when you are faced with this type of situation.  This will help guide you on your path to simple wealth and remind you why you are making the choices that you are.


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